Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sticking To A Diet To Maintain My Weight Loss

I went for my 6 months check up to the doctors today. All my levels were in the normal range. Except my cholesterol was high. The doc decided to switch one of my medicines to a different one. A medicine that seems to help many people. So, wish me luck in 6 months that it is lowered. 

To catch everyone up to speed on my weight loss journey, it has been exactly one year this month that I started out to lose weight. I started out weighing 180 lbs. at a size 16/18. Imagine my size at the short height of 5 foot4 inches. Now imagine a year later at my current size weighing in at 135 lbs and a size 3. 

Amazing isn't it? You wonder how I did it. I know you are. I get asked all the time how I did it. My doctor even asked. I told him I listened to what he said. I maintain a healthy diet and starting walking several times a week. Among exercises, I was given for my bad leg. A year I couldn't walk a mile, now I am walking two and doing squats. The weight falling off and my strength slowly coming back. I feel better every day. I have more energy and get up and go.

Here Are 6 Tips To Maintain To Lose Weight

1. Pasta - I cut out pasta from my diet. Pasta was a big part of my diet because it was a cheap meal. If I eat any pasta now I make sure it fills no more than 1/4 of the plate. I also make sure there are vegetables added. 

 2. Bread - I switched from white bread to whole wheat. White bread has more sugar than any other bread out there. I have also started making my own bread. That way I know what is actually made with. 

3. Sugar - I switched from white sugar to using Stevia. I make many of my desserts to ensure no real sugar is used. 

4. Potatoes - I switched from eating white potatoes to eating sweet potatoes which are healthy for you. White potatoes turn to starch, which turns to sugar.  

5. Fruits and Veggies - I snack on fruits and veggies versus sugar-filled desserts. I also add fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible to my meal plans. Examples: When making Chili add onion, mushrooms, or tomatoes. A pizza you can add just about any kind of veggie you want. Or make a fruit pizza. Some people add pineapple.

6. Exercise - I started to exercise more. I started doing simple exercises sitting in a chair and pushed myself. I started going on walks. I will walk by myself, with my daughter, walk the dog or walk with a friend around the reservoir. Start out a short distance. Over time walk a little further. Push yourself. Or join a local gym or YMCA to help get you motivated. 

I am sticking to my diet and exercises to maintain my weight loss.  I plan on to build up my strength and muscles to what they once were. It is never to late to get healthy. I am one that has proven eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can drastically change one's life around for the better. I'm 46 years old and can honestly say I can keep up with the teenagers. I can give them a run for their money. 

What do you do to lose weight or help maintain your weight loss?


  1. I will be starting the slim fast diet tomorrow (gotta go get the shakes after work). If not long term it will at least get me kick started and when I eat back into eating real food again it can be with healthier changes.

    1. Its a start. I wish you good luck in your weight loss journey.

  2. You are looking so great, Sandy! And not only slim, but HAPPY. Congratulations and keep it up. I know you can achieve your goals <3

    1. Thank you, I have worked hard to get where I am at. I am hoping to stay within my weight range. At least not gain it back.

  3. Way to go! You are one of the strongest women I know, an inspiration to others. You have always been beautiful but you have managed to get even more beautiful.

  4. All your hard work is being rewarded! Congrats!!!

  5. Wow, Sandy looking great...Well done 😀


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